About Stan

His Writing

The Cure is Stan's debut novel. He began writing as an outlet for frustration, then for entertainment and ultimately was inspired to share his experiences with others. Through his research he discovered most people had similar experiences, inspiring him further.

Why the Cure?

Stan has experienced firsthand the suffering caused by healthcare and pharmaceutical greed. He survived a massive heart attack, after the emergency room wanted to transport him to another hospital due to insurance. He has lost his mother, friends and other family to cancer countless times. He has endured the pain and suffering of those closest to him who are forced to bankrupt themselves to live paying for medicines insurance won’t cover. His aim is to bring awareness to the pitfalls and atrocities of healthcare through fiction writing.

His Life

Stan Fairbanks is a successful businessman, having owned several businesses through the years partnering with his wife Lisa. They currently own and operate Wahoo’s Restaurant and Bar, and Oldie’s Ice Cream in Gold Canyon, Arizona.  He grew up in Concordia, Kansas but has lived in Washington state and Colorado. He and his wife reside in Gold Canyon, Arizona. They have three amazing adult children, three fur babies and a tortoise.  Stan is a Christian and credits God for every success.